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Wednesday, 5 October 2016


The Conservative Conference heard a powerful  closing speech by its new Leader and Prime Minister, Theresa May, which detailed the objectives she has planned for the United Kingdom:

- She  would ensure that the Brexit negotiations  permit Britain to escape from certain obligations in International Treaties. This in not limited just to immigration.  

- Britain has always been a trading partner of Europe and played its part militarily.  This will not change.  

In the context of the problems which the EU faces at present, her speech will be much appreciated by most of the other 27 members of the EU.  Indirectly she is saying the EU must change and that Brussels wields too much power. 

On the Domestic Front, Theresa May wants more equality for all British citizens.  She criticised  Socialist policies which only favoured the Poor but punished the Middle Classes and the protective habits of the Richer Classes ! 

The least one can say is that a Wind of Change is coming, not only in Britain but in the EU as well !