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Tuesday, 4 October 2016


Anne Hidalgo, the Mayor of Paris is taking measures to "Clean the Air" in Paris, by discouraging the use of Cars and Lorries, but favouring Public Transport.  Parking spaces for cars have been reduced when necessary.

However, this has led to an increase of the use of not only Motor Bikes, but also Bicycles !   A previous article in this Blog (1) has already drawn attention to the abuses of Motor Bikes, but gradually an increase in the number of Bicycles is becoming very evident in Paris ! 

Adult Cyclists seem to use roads or pavements at will and often do not respect traffic lights or one way traffic signs ! 

It is clear that legislation is necessary, together with penalties for infractions, to protect pedestrians of all ages !   

It would be interesting to know how many "dangerous" Cyclists and speeding Motor-cyclists, have been convicted during the last 12 months ?   To simply say that "the Police use their discression" is not enough ! It does nothing to solve the problem !

If Anne Hildago does not address this problem, Paris will soon look like Shanghai !

(1) Read the article "Anne Hidalgo cleans the Paris Air", dated September 28 2016.