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Tuesday, 1 November 2016


In this American Presidential Election all the dirty linen  of both candidates has already been amply displayed,  discussed, and... publicised abroad !  

Now, in a last minute ditch accusation, more dirt has been dug-up to in an attempt to discredit a candidate, this time Hillary Clinton.    This could destroy her lead in Opinion Polls and result in the Election of Donald Trump as President instead !  Is this "fair" for the Electors at this last minute ?

Foreign observers of the Election have perhaps been deprived of many other aspects of the debates, but have both candidates clearly set out the costs of their economic propositions ? Who will pay for the Financial Costs ?   What are the Foreign Policy plans ?

Should there not be an "official closure period" between the last Debate and the Vote by Electors ?   Should "no new information before electors Vote" be the rule, in order to stop last minute "game-changer" tactics, by Candidates or anyone else, which can then never be adequately proved or defended by anyone ?