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Saturday, 19 November 2016


When Theresa May, the British Prime Minister, met Angela Merkel the German Chancellor in Berlin this week, Merkel told her that no Brexit discussions would take place before Theresa May officially triggers Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. 

Merkel also said her priority was the future of the EU !   Perhaps she should also have added "together with the EUROZONE" !

After her recent statement that she would  announce on Sunday (tomorrow) if she would be a candidate in the General Election in Germany next Summer, one wonders if she really is hesitating.

Europe as a whole is clamering for changes, particularly after the invasion of Refugees from the Middle East War ! Small but growing Opposition Parties in many of the 28 countries of the EU are becoming vociferous.   Also, the EURO seems to be constantly losing its value !  How long can this last ?

The three largest Countries in the EUROZONE, Germany, Italy and France, will or could, face a General Election next year.   Will the three current Leaders all be re-elected and remain as Leaders afterwards ?

  -  Will Merkel still be chosen as Chancellor by her Coalition ?   That is not clear. 
  -  In France Hollande is at great risk of being replaced as President !  
  -  In Italy Matteo Renzi awaits the result of a Referendum on Changes to the Italian Constitution on December 4, 2016 !  If he loses, will he resign as he said he would ?   There could then be a General Election.

Nothing is very certain in the EU for the time being !  Will the governing Pyramid remain in place ?