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Friday, 4 November 2016


In the British Press today there is speculation whether Prime Minister Theresa May will call for an early General Election, to give her more liberty to negotiate the UK BREXIT with the EU.   

She obviously wants to action Section 50 of the Lisbon Treaty to start negotiations, on 31 March 2017, which was her planned date.

Such an Election would also confirm her position as leader of the Conservatives and as Prime Minister !  However, at present nothing is certain. 

  -  Would she obtain an increased majority for her Party ?
  -  Would she then obtain a clear mandate for her BREXIT terms after a free non-party vote by all MPs in the UK Parliament ?

She can take nothing for granted and failure of satisfying either of these conditions, could end her BREXIT negotiation hopes ! 

Waiting a little longer than 31 March 2016 is a key factor !  There are two General Elections coming, in France and Germany.   And, other countries also urgently want changes to EU Treaties.

So, should Britain not "wait and see" before choosing its option ?