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Saturday, 26 November 2016


François Fillion yesterday made a powerful final speech  in the Framework of the Republican Party Primary Election, to become the sponsored Party Candidate in next Presidential Election in 2017.

His hour long televised speech in Paris, at the porte de Versailles roused much patriotic interest ; the main points are summarised below :

  -  I am a proud Frenchman and proud of my Country,
  -  But, France is sick after years of neglect,
  -  I am not a Socialist and I do not want to seek alliances with the extreme parties,
  -  I want to encourage the revival of our Industries, 
  -  I want to attract more investment in our Industries, 
  -  I want to reduce unemployment, 
  -  I want to streamline National Overhead costs,
  -  I want to abolish the "35 hour week" law, which was the worst piece of legislation in recent French history. 

François Fillon spoke like a "Company Doctor" who had been engaged to revive a loss-making Group of Businesses !  He set out his aims and will apply his policies accordingly !  It revealed a practical approach to solving problems. 

Likewise, he wants a "no nonsense" language : "extremist Muslims" are Terrorists !  "Young delinquants" are Criminals !  

The surprises of the first round of the Primary Election on November 20, were the elimination of Nicolas Sarkozy and Fillon's comfortable lead over his rival, Alain Juppé.  Now "Opinion Polls" have widened the gap, giving Fillion 65% of the decisive Vote tomorrow, Sunday, November 27, 2016.