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Thursday, 17 November 2016


The first round of the French Presidenial Election is 5 months away, on April 26, 2017, but meetings have already been held by aspiring candidates for many months !

This week however, has seen two new events :  

  -  Emanual Macron (EM), the former advisor of President Hollande, who then became his  Minister of the Economy and then resigned on August 30, 2016, announced he would be the  Presidential Candidate for his Movement, En Marche (EM).  This was an open secret, but he has been called a "Judas" by Socialist Party  faithfuls !

  -  François Fillon, the former French Prime Minister who faithfully served President Sarkozy for five years has suddenly obtained very good Opinion Poll ratings ;  they almost make him the favourite to be the Next President of France !  This has irked Juppé and Sarkozy, who had been up to then, the clear favourites in the Primary Elections of the Republican Party !

After the disasterous Presidency of François Hollande political commentators in France are having a field day !  No one can be sure who finally, will be elected as the next President, but there is always speculation ! 

Hollande will try to be a Candidate, but cannot expect to win : he has since destroyed the Socialist Party which helped to get him elected in 2012.

This evening the last Debate of the 7 Candidates  of the Republican Party will be televised at 20.55 CET.   The election of the two candidates for the run-off debate takes place this coming Sunday, November 20 !