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Wednesday, 16 November 2016


There is no way for Theresa May, the UK Prime Minister, to escape a vote in the House of Commons, before she can officially start Brexit Negotiations with the EU, by actioning article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty !

Simply said, if ever she refuses any request to keep the House of Commons "informed", even secretely so that key plans are not revealed to the EU, Theresa May could quickly face a Vote of "no confidence" by MPs in the Commons !

Such a vote would be perilous for her position as Prime Minister !   It could never be a "Party Vote" because,

  -  MPs for or against "Brexit" come from all Political Parties in the House of Commons,
  -  Such a Vote is not about "Brexit", it is a Vote to confirm the principle that the House of Commons ONLY can decide if Britain should leave the EU !

No Prime Minister can avoid preparing a file to justify any sort of decision like Brexit.  Previous articles in this Blog have clearly stated that EU  decisions after the Referendum must also be taken into account in a Brexit file.  Likewise, the effect on the EU of General Elections in France, Germany and Italy next year, should not be ignored !  

To delay the start of Brexit Negotiations would seem to be a "Wise" solution for the time being !  It would certainly frustrate Jean-Claude Juncker, the negotiator for the EU in the case of a Brexit !