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Friday, 11 November 2016


In discussions on the unexpected election of Donald Trump as the new President of the United States, French journalists have said the "Shock" was comparable to that after the "Brexit" vote in Britain !

The inquest to identify all the reasons for Trump's victory has only started and likewise, the "Brexit Inquest" which started on June 23, 2016 has not yet really finished !

What is quite clear is that both Votes were clearly a Protest but also a Hope by Voters for a New and Better Future.  No Ruling Politicians in either country expected such a Result or its Message ! 

In the case of the USA, politicians have been warned that certain neglected parts of the lower, less rich, classes need and now even demand "changes" !

The Brexit Vote also held a clear message, but 
particularly for EU Politicians in Brussels, not just for the British Politicians in Westminster ! 

This year EU has seen Fences and Barriers built by Frontier countries to keep invading migrants out of their country and out of the EU.  They want cherished "freedom of movement" principles in EU Treaties to be abandoned and Frontiers to be firmly controled by the EU !   "NO more migrants" was also one of many surprise messages from the "Brexit Referendum".

There is a general feeling that the EU has seized too many powers at the expense of National Parliaments.  This has destroyed National Pride and National Customs and the ability of local MPs to protect their Electors !   

Should the EU really aim to become "one large family and country" or would it be better to aim for a "Federated European Union" by restoring more rights to National Parliaments and its MPs?