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Monday, 7 November 2016


Theresa May seems bent on forcing through the "Will of the Voters" after the 51% Referendum Vote for Brexit, but is she also prepared to gamble her future as Prime Minister ? 

After the High Court case, it is clear that Theresa May must obtain a Commons Vote before being able to start Brexit negotiations with the EU . 

At present the House of Commons contains 650 MPs, some of whom are pro Brexit and some are against Brexit.   Prime Minister May is from the Conservative Party which at present has a confortable majority in the Commons, but it is certain that on the Brexit issue alone,  she cannot count on that same majority : some in that majority are for and others against, Brexit !

Will Theresa May still take that Gamble ?  To be sure of winning the permission of Parliament, by a vote in the Commons, she will be obliged to calculate the Financial effects of all the arguments "for or against" Brexit !  Alas these, if published in any way, would reveal in advance all her intentions before Negotiations can officially be started with the EU !

There is, perhaps, still a solution !  Create an all Party Commission, to work in absolute secrecy, to calculate the Financial Effects of all  Brexit or not eventualities.  The result would be with the support of "all parties".

In fact, this is what has been missing since the start of the "Brexit or not" issue, - hard, agreed figures of the expected effect !