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Thursday, 29 December 2016


Si vous aussi, comme cet enfant, vous croyez encore au Pére Noël, alors l'année 2017 sera pour vous aussi, une  "Belle Année" !

If you too, like this child, still believe in Father Xmas, then 2017 will be for you too, a "Happy New Year" !    

Wenn Du auch, wie dieses Kind, immer noch an den Weihnachtsmann glaubst, dann wird auch für Dich 2017 ein "frohes neues Jahr" sein !  


Wednesday, 28 December 2016




In 2014 a German TV video incriminated Russian officials who were giving illegal drugs to athletes to enhance their performances.  Yulia Stepanova and her husband then turned informers and this led to many Russian athletes being banned.  Likewise Russia has been stopped from organising international sporting events.

Now more athletes and trainers have admitted to the use of drugs in Russian Sport.  BUT, inspite of this, Russia   and Vladimir Putin in particular, have always denied that the doping was State sponsored !

Can this really be true ?   Putin, has been a keen sportsman and a firm leader of Russia for the last 16 years, with an iron grip on affairs. 

Running a large-scale, covert, drug based training programme for hundreds of top athletes, costs money !   

Were the costs of training elite sportsmen and -women secretly, over a number of years, with the help of Drugs and special installations not noticable ?

Was no one ever summoned to explain why his athletes were banned ?   How many "trainers" were sacked ?  Or  does Putin really think there is a vendetta against Russia and that is why his "stars" are banned ?

Other countries have accepted that modern methods of detecting Drug-use by athletes are now more performant !



Tuesday, 27 December 2016


All the signs are there, that the E U cannot "not change" !    

At present the underlying basic question is "WHEN will the EU change ?", because it cannot survive as it is now, without important Treaty changes .

The 1st important impediment is due to the General Elections which will take place particularly in Holland, France and Germany during the next seven months.

This means that Politicians in those countries will not want to disclose precisely what "could" change in the EU Treaties !  

This is true in particular for Merkel of Germany.  She has had a catastrophic year since inviting 800 000 Refugees to seek work in Germany ! She risks not being chosen as the Chancellor by her Coalition after the next General Elections !

The 2nd basic impediment is "what can be done to  halt the invasion of the EU", by Migrants (Refugees or not) from all over the World, not just the Middle East ?

The 3rd basic impediment is "will EXTERNAL EU Frontiers be "closed" ?   But also, will INTERNAL EU frontiers, between any two EU countries, be authorised ?  

The 2nd and 3rd impediments require changes to EU Treaties because the Freedom of Movement principle is at present already being violated, particularly by smaller EU countries !

Likewise, the fact that several elections in EU countries have produced "anti-EU" minority parties, cannot be ignored !

Again, if the United Kingdom leaves the EU in 2017 after its BREXIT vote, more pressure for quick changes  in the EU will be demanded by other EU countries ! 

Without the expected, realistic changes to EU Treaties, before the next EU Parliament Elections in 2019, other "EXITS" from the EU could take place !

What can now be expected in the near future, is pure speculation !



Thursday, 22 December 2016



It seems that Theresa May in her single-minded way wants to push through "Brexit" whatever anyone else may think or want !

It is true electors did vote on June 23 with a small majority for "Brexit" and this was not the expected result before the Vote.  But since then the EU has changed and is still changing, due to the Middle East War and the Refugees flooding into Europe.  

One cannot ignore what is happening.  Already it is certain that the Leaders of France and Italy will be replaced.  Will Merkel remain as Chancellor of Germany ?   Only if she can form a majority Coalition Government after the General Election next summer !   That is not at all sure : there are others in Germany who would like to become the Chancellor !

If Teresa May remains determined to avoid submitting her Brexit intentions to a vote of approval in Parliament, there could be a clash !   This would be a "Vote of no Confidence" by all MPs.   This could then even provoke a General Election early next year.

Alternatively a second Referendum on Brexit could also be a solution ! 





Y a-t-il un cordon humanitaire pour le Père Noel ?

                                                          par MARIN


Wednesday, 21 December 2016


For the first time next year, electors will have to prove their right to vote when they are asked.  Is this not also a chance to consider whether Identity Cards should be  introduced in Britain?

In 2010 the former Prime Minister David Cameron rebuffed the idea of the introduction of Identity Cards ! 

Not everyone has a passport or other official documents, so  fraud is always a possibility.  Since 2010 the Middle East war has created huge tides of Refugees,  including some Terrorists, who want to settle in Europe. 

Can Britain really still justify not having Identity Cards ? The Identity Card System requires the creation of a Data Bank, which could then be linked to other such Banks in other countries.  Could this not become a key weapon in the fight against Terrorism ? 

Britain may want to leave the EU but geographically it is a part of Europe forever !   To be able to decide with assurance whether a visitor is a Briton or an acceptable Tourist, or perhaps a known Terrorist, a Data Bank linked to others would be a great help !

Brexit or not, Theresa May the new Prime Minister, should consider the rapid introduction of Identity Cards !                                              



La vie continue quand même...



Tuesday, 20 December 2016


After the latest Terrorist Attrocity, this time in Berlin yesterday, Chancellor Merkel the EUROZONE Leader, must listen to the pleas of citizens in several countries who seek more security and want the erection of Barriers on the Borders of their country !

They want not only barriers on External EU Frontiers but also on their Borders with other EU countries as well ! 

This wish implies changing one of the fundamental principles of the EU : the freedom of movement in the EU !   In fact, if the EU really does want to protect itself against Terrorist Attacks (1), several other changes to EU Treaties will become necessary. 

A good example is the Unanimous vote required for EU Treaty changes !  Small countries could stop any changes if their pleas are ignored. 

Small countries need and want the help and protection of larger countries, particularly concerning Migrants and Refugees !

(1) Read our article :  "Terrorism : Give EU Police more powers.", dated December 20, 2016.  




It would seem Leading Politicians are aware of danger as they are always correctly protected in public life !  The real, underlying question is whether they think their "electors or citizens" are adequately protected in their normal ways of life against possible Terrorist activities ?

There is a War in the Middle East (and also on other Continents) fueled by the Islamic State. There are also "Cells of Terrorists" in many EU countries, already  planning the next Attrocity ! 

The reactions of Politicians after an Attrocity appear pedantic !  Do they fear infringing the "Human Rights " of Terrorists if they reinforce the protection of their citizens, by giving their Police increased powers to arrest suspected Terrorists ?

Is NOW not the time for the EU as a whole, to declare WAR against the Islamic State AND Terrorists ? 

Would this not automatically lead to closer cooperation to share information, among ALL EU countries and perhaps even others ?  Should the aim not be the creation of a United Front against Terrorism in the EU ?


Monday, 19 December 2016


La situation de la France vue d'Alep !
selon "Marin"


Sunday, 18 December 2016


President Obama has suddenly made allegations that President Putin and his computer pirates, interfered in the USA Presidential Elections in favour of "his prefered Candidate" Donald Trump ! 

Has Putin done anything that is illegal ? 

There is a saying that "In Love and War there are no rules" !   Since Eternity there have been spies at all levels of society and which were often never discovered.  Do young lovers not spy sometimes ?   Do Politicians not have teams of informers ?

Suddenly Western Leaders, not only Obama, seem to be staggered by the war of misinformation which has been mounted by Russia on the Internet and elsewhere.   Can that really be true ? 

If it is true then the West must quickly update its ideas because already there are many unexpected spies lurking everywhere !   If nothing else, copy what Putin has done !



Friday, 16 December 2016


L'ex Premier Ministre Manuel Vals a utilisé 6 fois l' article 49- 3 de la Constitution afin de faire passer en force ses projets de loi.

Aujourd'hui , candidat à la primaire de la gauche, Manuel Vals propose de supprimer l'article 49-3.


Thursday, 15 December 2016


On October 1, 2016 President Hollande ordered the closure of the "Calais Jungle",  in which        10 000  Refugees or Migants were gathered.  They were to be taken to 162 other centres in France so that the Jungle could be closed before the end of 2016.   

The evacuation started shortly afterwards but there has been precious little news over these refugees since then !

The Calais Jungle has been completely closed, but now Parisiens have learned that at least 1 000 Calais Refugees are bursting the seams of a new "Jungle" in Saint Denis, a suburb in the north of Paris. The story goes on...


NEW HOPES FOR ALEPPO, and then...?

Every day there seem to be "new hopes" in the Middle East !   Every day something else unexpectedly happens !    But, every day there are Leaders world-wide who do not react !   They do not even comment on the possible "knock-on" effects for their countries !

Currently the two main actors in the Middle East are Putin's Russia and Bachar al Assad's Syria.  They are fighting a bloody war against Rebels  and the Islamic State,  but with the sole aim of protecting the interests of their countries !

This War has destroyed towns and villages and dwellings of innocent civilians : it has created  millions of refugees, unending tides of which flee to Turkey and the EU or anywhere they can to find peace !

How many non-Russian refugees have fled to Russia and been accepted to stay there ?

Have the EU Leaders courageously introduced a policy to close EU borders ?  NO !   They just benignly do not oppose any individual EU countries that close their Frontiers, by building barriers to keep unwanted strangers out, even when basic EU rules are ignored !

Are all EU Leaders just awaiting coming General Elections in the EU, during the next six months ? 

The EU at present is no longer really open for any more business ! 


Wednesday, 14 December 2016


The IBSF (International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation) has cancelled its World Championships in Sotchi.

An earlier report by Professor McLaren had already accused Russia of "State Sponsored" drug use by its athletes and the multiple methods used to hide or change test samples.  More details and evidence will be revealed in the current report about to be published 

Other Sporting Federations will certainly also want to act for the same reasons. 

Russia and its sportsmen could be banned for five or ten years from participating in International sporting competitions. This would not only be a punishment, but  give Russia time to reorganise and to prove that it merits a return to competitive international sport.

According to Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin Spokesman,  the decision to cancel the 2017 Bobsleigh Championships in Sotchi, is "political and without grounds" !

The reality is that Russia "officially" has never ever  admitted any wrongdoing !    

One could be sorry for the clean competitors in Russia who could also be banned, but one must not forget all the clean competitors who have been cheated out of Medals by drugged Russian "sportsmen and -women" ! 




                             Pourquoi Lui et pas Moi ?


Tuesday, 13 December 2016


Bientôt Noël, le temps des cadeaux…
Parfois les cadeaux arrivent en avance.


Whether Bachar al Assad's has a future as the President of Syria, is once again being questioned. 

The UNO report published today, affirms Syrian pro-Government Forces had slaughtered 82 citizens in 4 different areas of Aleppo.  This will probably be confirmed, together with updated details, in future  Reports.

One cannot ignore the fact that UNO has already been frustrated in the past to condemn Assad for Crimes against Humanity because of the vetoes used by Russia and China in the Security Council. 

It is certain that Russia and China will again react in the same way for the incidents yesterday ! 

With this help Assad will avoid any and all legal attemps to convict him, but for how long can he feel safe ?  Can he ever be sure that no one has any feelings of revenge ?


Monday, 12 December 2016


It seems today that after 5 years of war, Aleppo is now only 10% dominated by occupying Rebel Forces ! With the help of Russia, Bachar al Assad has almost re-conquered the whole of Aleppo and even Syria .

The civilian survivors there are starving to death :  they still urgently need Food and Water, besides Medical help.  

Some of them may be from the political opposition of Bachar al Assad, but they still deserve Humane Help ! 

All the reports and pictures of the war in Syria show the utter destruction of buildings everywhere.   Without  international financial help, how can Syria be re-built ?  Will Russia help in order to maintain its good relations ? 

How will Bachar al Assad demonstrate that he is still the President of all Syrians ?  How will he tempt the millions of displaced Syrian Refugees  to come back, to rebuild their country ?  

If he fails, either he goes or the War continues !



Pic de pollution : Quand on a les moyens, pas de problème !


Sunday, 11 December 2016


Originally when Putin intervened in the Midde East War he said it was not to help Bachar al Assad : that was in 2014 and at the time Bachar was not very popular in Western eyes. 

Now Putin asserts that he is only helping Bachar  against the Islamic State and with weapon supplies.  The military help is typical Russian Style help : towns are flattened and civilians are not spared !

What are Putin's aims ?   To demonstrate that Russia leads the way and to encourage the West to join the fight on the Ground ?  But, Putin must improve the Harbour Rights, which Russia has enjoyed in the port of Tartus on the Syrian coast since 1971 ! 

These facilities must be upgraded and modernised so that Modern Russian Warships can berth there.   Then  Russia would have a key presense in the Mediterranean basin.  This would also enable it to send back-up supplies to Russian personnel, who are helping the Syrian Army to use Russian weapons. 

However, at home Putin has problems  !  To say the very least, the Rouble is weak, foreign currency reserves are low and there is mounting inflation.   The Sanctions the West have imposed, because of his activies in Ukraine, are biting !  

Something must happen soon !




Saturday, 10 December 2016


The final Report by WADA (World Anti-Drug Agency)  clearly affirms that the Russian State sponsored and encouraged drug abuse by its athletes.   Positive samples of drug tests sometimes simply disappeared, or were tampered with !

The WADA accusations mean that measures by Sports Organisations in the past, at all levels, to deter cheats and cheating in Sport, have not been effective.

When Cheats are caught they should be banned from ALL sports activities worldwide, even when they are paid Professional or unpaid Amateur Sportsmen, or Organisers or Administrators !

If a Country is not prepared to punish Cheats,  how can anyone be sure that it would be fit to host sports events  in the future ? 

This is not the first time Russia has been accused and it is ironic that yesterday, the USA levelled accusations at Russia over tampering in the recent USA Presidential Election ! 

A new start is necessary and a new clear CODE must be adopted by everyone in Sport ! 




Friday, 9 December 2016


Devant l'afflux des prétendants à la primaire de la gauche, Cambadélis vient de déclarer :
 la primaire de la gauche, ce n'est pas "an open bar".
Audiard aurait dit : "Les cons ça ose tout, c'est même à ça qu'on les reconnaît" ...


Thursday, 8 December 2016


The finest of arguments are being exploited in the Supreme Court, to permit Theresa May the Prime Minister of the UK,  

  -  to override the House of Commons,
  -  to assume the supreme rights and powers, 
  -  to trigger Section 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, 
  -  to start negotiations unfettered,
  -  for the UK to leave the EU,
  -  without a vote in the House of Commons !

On the assumption that Theresa May gets her way and gets the benediction of the Supreme Court, could this also mean that the House of Commons could never pass a Vote of no Confidence in her as Leader of the Government ?

The "Brexit" issue could only ever be a non party Vote.  There are MPs from all parties who are for and against Brexit.  Furthermore, with daily news of changes in the EU,  the personal opinions of  MPs are also constantly changing ! 

The Referendum vote by Electors on June 23, 2016 is already out of date due to subsequent events in the EU !


Wednesday, 7 December 2016


The announcement by François Hollande that he will not seek a second term of 5 years as President, has suddenly enlivened the Socialist Primary Election, to choose the Party sponsored Candidate !    

Manuel Valls resigned to become a Candidate.   His close ally, Bernard Cazeneuve, like Valls a former Minister of the Interior, has now replaced him as Prime Minister.  It will be the shortest Prime Ministerial term of the 5th Republic : it will end in May 2017 with the election of the new President.

The closing date for primary candidates is on December 15, 2016.  The Primary debates are on January 23 and 29, 2016. 

The two leading favourites are Valls and Arnaud Montebourg.  After the disasterous Presidency by Hollande, the Socialist Party is completely split and Voters have drifted to other Parties.

The elected winner of the Socialist Primary will be in competition with some independent left-wing candidates in the first round of the 2017 Presidential Election.       

The current Favourites to attain the second round Run-off debate, to become the new President, are still Marine Le Pen of the National Front, and François Fillon of the Republican Party.  But as Manuel Valls has quite rightly said: "Nothing  is yet certain" !



Tuesday, 6 December 2016


In her determination to push through the Referendum "Brexit" result for Britain to leave the EU, Theresa May is now seeking the autocratic and despotic rights of a Tyrant to be able to justify acting alone !

She wants to avoid losing time to obtain the approval of the House of Commons where the Debate, on the Conditions and the Cost to leave the EU, would be vehement and difficult. 

She is already wasting Taxpayers money trying to find a loophole in unwritten Constitutional Law !  It is clear neither Theresa May nor her Advisors have read the article in this Blog on November 16, 2016 !  entitled "May cannot escape Commons Vote"; every word in the article remains true.

This morning in "The Times" the newspaper states that 40 MPs are ready to propose a "Vote of No Confidence" over the Brexit issue !  

Theresa May must realise that since the Brexit Referendum Vote on June 23, 2016 many things have changed in the EU !   In particular a new President of France will be elected in May 2017, and the Italian Prime Minister has resigned !   Also the German Chancellor Angela Merkel faces a perilous re-election in Germany, on a date to be fixed but not later than October 22, 2017 !

Many "Populist Parties" have sprung-up in the EU due to Immigration and Insecurity fears provoked by the Middle East War.  The EU is now changing !   Everyone knows this and Theresa May will not be allowed to ignore these new events !





Monday, 5 December 2016


After all the recent National Election and Referendum results in EU countries, which have all revealed a growing dissatisfaction with the handling of major events by the EU in Brussels, it is clear that fundmental changes are urgently needed. 

Everywhere, "Populist Parties" are emerging and
National Electors must be pacified, otherwise the whole EU will slowly crumble after unexpected "exits" by discontented countries ! 

The top of the Eurozone Pyramid is already tottering ! President Hollande of France has realised he could not win a second term and Mario Renzi of Italy resigned yesterday after his defeat in the Referendum.  Both were dedicated henchmen of Chancellor Merkel, but even she cannot be sure to keep her own position after the General Election in Germany next year.

It seems the EU in Brussels, faced with Terrorism, the war by the Islamic State and the consequent invasion of fugitives and migrants (not only from the Middle East), has become too slow to react to protect its member countries with effective measures ? 

Why ?  Does the EU not have the right "voting structure" ?   Or, has it over the years, assumed too many powers and now cannot solve all the National and International problems simply and quickly ?

The EU is grinding to a halt !   It must change to survive !





Le Conseil d' Etat a rendu un avis favorable pour que des crèches de Noël
soient exposées dans des lieux publics ,mais à certaines conditions.
Il y a donc encore des sources de conflits. Certains maires se montrent

Joyeux Noël !


Sunday, 4 December 2016


When Hollande unexpectedly became the President of France in May 2012, all the left wing politicians in France jumped to back him.    A Coalition with small Parties was formed to ensure that the Socialist Party would have a working majority in Parliament.

It is this goodwill which Hollande has slowly destroyed with his policies and decisions since then.  He promised many things, in particular that he would reduce unemployment, but during the first two years he did nothing !  He did not launch any investments, but he did protect the Needy !

He failed to encourage Business developments in spite of pleas from management spokesmen.  He prevented any real changes to the "35 hour working week".

He sacked Ministers in his Government when they were too outspoken !  He did not back proposed legislation if it contradicted the Socialist policies he wanted to maintain.

Finally, splits appeared in the "coalition" and sacked  Ministers started building their own futures.  The result is evident : in Local Elections and Bye-Elections  Socialists have voted for other Parties to show their dissatisfaction !   Popularity Polls likewise have regularly revealed the same discontent with the Socialist Party, its Leaders and with Hollande !

At last Hollande has decided he cannot expect to be re-elected for a second term of 5 years !  His announcement that he will not try means the Socialist Party Primary election can be organised !

The Socialists already have a new problem !  Who is the best Candidate to beat François Fillon ?   Last week the Republican Party Primary elected him as its Candidate to become the next President of France !  

He promises to restructure a "broken France" and this has sent shivers down the backs of ardent Socialists !






  L’affaire Léonarda » a marqué le quinquennat.( 2013)
Le président « normal » a pris l’initiative de régler lui-même cette affaire qui était du ressort d’un sous- chef de cabinet.

Saturday, 3 December 2016


On Thursday December 1, 2016, when he announced he would not to seek a second mandate, President Hollande spent 8 minutes to highlight his achievements during his first term of 5 years. It was so impressive that one even wondered if he was going for a second term !

However, as is his habit, he made no allusions whatsoever to any of the catastrophic Political, Economic and Financial problems which his successor will find in May 2017 and which must be solved !

The critical points of his Legacy are :

  1)  He has never tried to persuade Chancellor Merkel of Germany to close the Frontiers of the EU in order to stop the invasion of unwanted  immigrants from the Middle East and other war- torn areas of the World.      
  2)  Hollande has not invested in Building projects.
  3)  Civil Service costs have not been streamlined.
  4)  Taxation as a whole has increased.
  5)  Unemployment has increased by 600 000  during his Presidency
  6)  French Industry has become less competitive on international markets.
  7)  Despite Terrorist Attacks in France, insufficient measures have been taken to ensure tightknit Security.
  8)  The lack of Prison cells has led to soft justice and insecurity. 

As for the Socialist Party, its unity has been badly damaged during Hollande's Presidency.  


Friday, 2 December 2016


As from next year the competing teams in major Professional Cycling Tours will be composed of 8 cyclists instead of 9 as in previous years.  This 
change has been adopted by the Organisers of the three major Professional Cycle Tours :

   -  Tour de France
   -  Tour of Italy
   -  Tour of Spain.

Other minor Tours or Classic cycling events may also want to adopt similar changes.
The number of Teams in these major Tours remains unchanged at 20 to 22.   Likewise the number of stages remains at 21 spread over 23 days.

Consequently, in a major Tour of 20 teams there will be 20 less competitors, i.e. 160 instead of 180 !  This will have a direct impact on the organisation of teams which aim to win the Money Prizes normally available. 

Less competitors will mean more competition to win the Prizes !  Protecting the Leader, who wears a distinctively coloured jersey, will be more difficult : there will be more "Break-away" attempts from the leading pack of Cyclists ! 

All this will increase the public interest in the Race.  More roadside spectators can be expected, but also increased revenue from increased Television coverage !

This small change should be welcomed !




Thursday, 1 December 2016


Suddenly at 8pm this evening President Hollande announced that he will not be a Candidate in the coming Presidential Election in April/ May 2017 !  He will not serve a second term of 5 Years !

During the first 8 to 9 minutes, he summarised all he had achieved since May 2012 but also one or two things he had got wrong.  He realises his promises were taking longer than anticipated to come to fruition.

Now nothing can stop the current Prime Minister Manuel Valls to be a candidate in the Socialist Primary Election. However Hollande said nothing to endorse his chances to win ! 

The epic battle between Hollande and Valls is over and Socialists will be heaving a sigh of relief ; but more fireworks can be expected ! 





The closing date for all Candidates to present their "complete" files for the 1st round of the Presidential Election, is about mid-March,  2017.  The official date has not yet been published.

One of the key requirements of the file is to present the names of 500 valid Sponsors.  

The 1st round of voting will take place on April 23, 2017 and the two leading Candidates will then take part in a run-off vote on May 7, 2017 

As of this morning, the following 9 people have made public their intention to be Candidates on April 23,  2017 :       

  -  ARTHAUD Nathalie (Workers struggle)
  -  DUPONT-AIGNON Nicolas (Stand up, France)  
  -  JADOT Yannick (Ecology + Greens)
  -  FILLON François (Republican Party)
  -  LE PEN Marine (National Front) 
  -  MACRON Emmanuel (Movement "en marche",   neither Left nor Right) 
  -  MELENCHON Jean-Luc (Left Rebels + Communists) 
  -  PINEL Sylvia (Radical Party of the Left)
  -  POUTOU Philippe (New anti-Capitalist Party) 
The suspense in France is the epic battle between Hollande, who wants to avoid the Socialist primary and Valls, who wants to stand in the planned primary, but not against Hollande ! 

The reality is, after the disasterous first term by Hollande, no one in France nor in the Socialist Party really wants to see him to stand again for a second term of 5 years !  

We should get more information in the coming days.