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Friday, 2 December 2016


As from next year the competing teams in major Professional Cycling Tours will be composed of 8 cyclists instead of 9 as in previous years.  This 
change has been adopted by the Organisers of the three major Professional Cycle Tours :

   -  Tour de France
   -  Tour of Italy
   -  Tour of Spain.

Other minor Tours or Classic cycling events may also want to adopt similar changes.
The number of Teams in these major Tours remains unchanged at 20 to 22.   Likewise the number of stages remains at 21 spread over 23 days.

Consequently, in a major Tour of 20 teams there will be 20 less competitors, i.e. 160 instead of 180 !  This will have a direct impact on the organisation of teams which aim to win the Money Prizes normally available. 

Less competitors will mean more competition to win the Prizes !  Protecting the Leader, who wears a distinctively coloured jersey, will be more difficult : there will be more "Break-away" attempts from the leading pack of Cyclists ! 

All this will increase the public interest in the Race.  More roadside spectators can be expected, but also increased revenue from increased Television coverage !

This small change should be welcomed !