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Tuesday, 20 December 2016


After the latest Terrorist Attrocity, this time in Berlin yesterday, Chancellor Merkel the EUROZONE Leader, must listen to the pleas of citizens in several countries who seek more security and want the erection of Barriers on the Borders of their country !

They want not only barriers on External EU Frontiers but also on their Borders with other EU countries as well ! 

This wish implies changing one of the fundamental principles of the EU : the freedom of movement in the EU !   In fact, if the EU really does want to protect itself against Terrorist Attacks (1), several other changes to EU Treaties will become necessary. 

A good example is the Unanimous vote required for EU Treaty changes !  Small countries could stop any changes if their pleas are ignored. 

Small countries need and want the help and protection of larger countries, particularly concerning Migrants and Refugees !

(1) Read our article :  "Terrorism : Give EU Police more powers.", dated December 20, 2016.