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Thursday, 1 December 2016


The closing date for all Candidates to present their "complete" files for the 1st round of the Presidential Election, is about mid-March,  2017.  The official date has not yet been published.

One of the key requirements of the file is to present the names of 500 valid Sponsors.  

The 1st round of voting will take place on April 23, 2017 and the two leading Candidates will then take part in a run-off vote on May 7, 2017 

As of this morning, the following 9 people have made public their intention to be Candidates on April 23,  2017 :       

  -  ARTHAUD Nathalie (Workers struggle)
  -  DUPONT-AIGNON Nicolas (Stand up, France)  
  -  JADOT Yannick (Ecology + Greens)
  -  FILLON François (Republican Party)
  -  LE PEN Marine (National Front) 
  -  MACRON Emmanuel (Movement "en marche",   neither Left nor Right) 
  -  MELENCHON Jean-Luc (Left Rebels + Communists) 
  -  PINEL Sylvia (Radical Party of the Left)
  -  POUTOU Philippe (New anti-Capitalist Party) 
The suspense in France is the epic battle between Hollande, who wants to avoid the Socialist primary and Valls, who wants to stand in the planned primary, but not against Hollande ! 

The reality is, after the disasterous first term by Hollande, no one in France nor in the Socialist Party really wants to see him to stand again for a second term of 5 years !  

We should get more information in the coming days.