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Sunday, 4 December 2016


When Hollande unexpectedly became the President of France in May 2012, all the left wing politicians in France jumped to back him.    A Coalition with small Parties was formed to ensure that the Socialist Party would have a working majority in Parliament.

It is this goodwill which Hollande has slowly destroyed with his policies and decisions since then.  He promised many things, in particular that he would reduce unemployment, but during the first two years he did nothing !  He did not launch any investments, but he did protect the Needy !

He failed to encourage Business developments in spite of pleas from management spokesmen.  He prevented any real changes to the "35 hour working week".

He sacked Ministers in his Government when they were too outspoken !  He did not back proposed legislation if it contradicted the Socialist policies he wanted to maintain.

Finally, splits appeared in the "coalition" and sacked  Ministers started building their own futures.  The result is evident : in Local Elections and Bye-Elections  Socialists have voted for other Parties to show their dissatisfaction !   Popularity Polls likewise have regularly revealed the same discontent with the Socialist Party, its Leaders and with Hollande !

At last Hollande has decided he cannot expect to be re-elected for a second term of 5 years !  His announcement that he will not try means the Socialist Party Primary election can be organised !

The Socialists already have a new problem !  Who is the best Candidate to beat François Fillon ?   Last week the Republican Party Primary elected him as its Candidate to become the next President of France !  

He promises to restructure a "broken France" and this has sent shivers down the backs of ardent Socialists !