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Thursday, 15 December 2016

NEW HOPES FOR ALEPPO, and then...?

Every day there seem to be "new hopes" in the Middle East !   Every day something else unexpectedly happens !    But, every day there are Leaders world-wide who do not react !   They do not even comment on the possible "knock-on" effects for their countries !

Currently the two main actors in the Middle East are Putin's Russia and Bachar al Assad's Syria.  They are fighting a bloody war against Rebels  and the Islamic State,  but with the sole aim of protecting the interests of their countries !

This War has destroyed towns and villages and dwellings of innocent civilians : it has created  millions of refugees, unending tides of which flee to Turkey and the EU or anywhere they can to find peace !

How many non-Russian refugees have fled to Russia and been accepted to stay there ?

Have the EU Leaders courageously introduced a policy to close EU borders ?  NO !   They just benignly do not oppose any individual EU countries that close their Frontiers, by building barriers to keep unwanted strangers out, even when basic EU rules are ignored !

Are all EU Leaders just awaiting coming General Elections in the EU, during the next six months ? 

The EU at present is no longer really open for any more business !