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Saturday, 3 December 2016


On Thursday December 1, 2016, when he announced he would not to seek a second mandate, President Hollande spent 8 minutes to highlight his achievements during his first term of 5 years. It was so impressive that one even wondered if he was going for a second term !

However, as is his habit, he made no allusions whatsoever to any of the catastrophic Political, Economic and Financial problems which his successor will find in May 2017 and which must be solved !

The critical points of his Legacy are :

  1)  He has never tried to persuade Chancellor Merkel of Germany to close the Frontiers of the EU in order to stop the invasion of unwanted  immigrants from the Middle East and other war- torn areas of the World.      
  2)  Hollande has not invested in Building projects.
  3)  Civil Service costs have not been streamlined.
  4)  Taxation as a whole has increased.
  5)  Unemployment has increased by 600 000  during his Presidency
  6)  French Industry has become less competitive on international markets.
  7)  Despite Terrorist Attacks in France, insufficient measures have been taken to ensure tightknit Security.
  8)  The lack of Prison cells has led to soft justice and insecurity. 

As for the Socialist Party, its unity has been badly damaged during Hollande's Presidency.