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Tuesday, 20 December 2016


It would seem Leading Politicians are aware of danger as they are always correctly protected in public life !  The real, underlying question is whether they think their "electors or citizens" are adequately protected in their normal ways of life against possible Terrorist activities ?

There is a War in the Middle East (and also on other Continents) fueled by the Islamic State. There are also "Cells of Terrorists" in many EU countries, already  planning the next Attrocity ! 

The reactions of Politicians after an Attrocity appear pedantic !  Do they fear infringing the "Human Rights " of Terrorists if they reinforce the protection of their citizens, by giving their Police increased powers to arrest suspected Terrorists ?

Is NOW not the time for the EU as a whole, to declare WAR against the Islamic State AND Terrorists ? 

Would this not automatically lead to closer cooperation to share information, among ALL EU countries and perhaps even others ?  Should the aim not be the creation of a United Front against Terrorism in the EU ?