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Tuesday, 6 December 2016


In her determination to push through the Referendum "Brexit" result for Britain to leave the EU, Theresa May is now seeking the autocratic and despotic rights of a Tyrant to be able to justify acting alone !

She wants to avoid losing time to obtain the approval of the House of Commons where the Debate, on the Conditions and the Cost to leave the EU, would be vehement and difficult. 

She is already wasting Taxpayers money trying to find a loophole in unwritten Constitutional Law !  It is clear neither Theresa May nor her Advisors have read the article in this Blog on November 16, 2016 !  entitled "May cannot escape Commons Vote"; every word in the article remains true.

This morning in "The Times" the newspaper states that 40 MPs are ready to propose a "Vote of No Confidence" over the Brexit issue !  

Theresa May must realise that since the Brexit Referendum Vote on June 23, 2016 many things have changed in the EU !   In particular a new President of France will be elected in May 2017, and the Italian Prime Minister has resigned !   Also the German Chancellor Angela Merkel faces a perilous re-election in Germany, on a date to be fixed but not later than October 22, 2017 !

Many "Populist Parties" have sprung-up in the EU due to Immigration and Insecurity fears provoked by the Middle East War.  The EU is now changing !   Everyone knows this and Theresa May will not be allowed to ignore these new events !