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Monday, 12 December 2016


It seems today that after 5 years of war, Aleppo is now only 10% dominated by occupying Rebel Forces ! With the help of Russia, Bachar al Assad has almost re-conquered the whole of Aleppo and even Syria .

The civilian survivors there are starving to death :  they still urgently need Food and Water, besides Medical help.  

Some of them may be from the political opposition of Bachar al Assad, but they still deserve Humane Help ! 

All the reports and pictures of the war in Syria show the utter destruction of buildings everywhere.   Without  international financial help, how can Syria be re-built ?  Will Russia help in order to maintain its good relations ? 

How will Bachar al Assad demonstrate that he is still the President of all Syrians ?  How will he tempt the millions of displaced Syrian Refugees  to come back, to rebuild their country ?  

If he fails, either he goes or the War continues !