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Sunday, 1 January 2017


The Terrorist attack in Berlin last week seems to have shattered the nerves of Chancellor Merkel judging by her prompt reaction !  There have been several Terrorist attrocities in EU countries in recent years which are now  history ! 

Or is it that Merkel has suddenly realised that a German General Election will take place in the summer of 2017 ?

Whatever the reason, previous Terrorist attacks have clearly revealed that the Freedom of Circulation in the EU without systematic idenity checks on entry, is suicidal for EU citizens !   Such checks are obviously necessary not only at External EU Frontiers but also at internal EU border crossings.

This common sense approach means EU Treaties must be urgently changed and ALL EU countries must stricly apply any new rules !   Interim rules should also be made available for immediate application !  

This really is not only a major German Crisis !  BUT, German electors will want to know and see the evidence, that things are changing !   Such changes have been awaited in the EU for too long !