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Friday, 6 January 2017


The National Front (FN) will make known in February 2017 its official policies for the Presidential Election.   

Will the "promise" of a National Referendum to decide if France should leave the EU or the  EUROZONE, be confirmed ?

To do either "FREXIT" has huge implications, which are much more complicated than the simple UK BREXIT and  will probably take much longer to negotiate than just two years !

The total cost to France of only leaving the EURO could be staggering, particularly in the initial years !  

France would need a new currency, like the Franc !  Then all its current Assets and Liabilities, which at present are  expressed in EUROs, must be converted into Francs at the applicable exchange rates !

Will the Franc have the same value as the EURO to start with ?   What will be the rate of inflation, in France and other countries in the EU ?  How  would this affect France and Electors financially in the short and medium term ?

Marine Le Pen will certainly be closely cross examined in Presidential Debates on complicated technical issues.  If she cannot reply convincingly, she will not be one of the two Candidates in the second round run-off to become the President of France on May 8, 2017 !