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Monday, 16 January 2017


Politicians everywhere never want to be seen refusing to help needy Middle East refugees, but at the same time they do not want the arrival and costs of countless new immigrants in their country !

This is particularly true in the EU where paradoxically the principles of the freedom of movement of people and the lack of controls at external EU Frontiers, is an open invitation to come and settle for Migrants from all over the World !

Of course one should help Refugees !  But, should strict conditions not apply ?  The turmoil in the Middle East has uprooted many people against their will.  Many have lost everything and fled just to ensure survival.

Should they not be offered safety and sustenance "for a limited period of time", until they can return to their homeland ?   Their stay should also delay any request to "immigrate" !   Would this not encourage refugees to dream of returning and of  rebuilding their country ?

Do politicians not realise that countries which have been completely destroyed in the Middle East War will then also need Financial help to recover ?  

All countries will be expected to contribute, including Russia !   Putin has helped Syria, but many other questions will be discussed before the "Spoils of War" are shared out !