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Saturday, 25 February 2017


There is a growing feeling of insecurity in France which cannot be simply ascribed only to the coming French Presidential Election !  The problems of the EU are only of secondary importance !

Recent Terrorist attacks, even those planned but thwarted in time, rowdy strikes and demonstrations, are all a part of any explanation.

When neighbours meet the talk turns quickly to what  they see on Television or even in the Streets around them !   They talk of Prices in the shops, Unemployment, Immigration, homeless Beggars on street corners !

But, since the holidays and the return to work last September, there has been endless political speculation of what would happen next : 

-  When would Hollande announce if he intends to stand for a second term as President ? 
-  Would there be a Socialist Primary Election ?
-  Who would win the Primary on the Republican Right ? Juppé or Sarkozy ?  It was Fillon who won !
-  Who could stop Valls winning the Socialist Primary ? The surprise winner was Hamon ! 

After that the only talking point is :  Who will  come second to Marine Le Pen in the first round of the Presidential ?  Fillon, Macron the spiritual son of Holland, or Hamon ?

The second will probably be the next President.  Could it be Macron ?  After 5 years of Hollande's Presidency, do French Electors want another 5 years of misery with his former advisor ?