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Tuesday, 7 February 2017


Presidential Candidate François Fillon yesterday admitted that he had employed his wife as his Parliamentry Assistant, but he also appologised !

In a convincing speech on Television, he described what his wife did but admitted that he was shattered by the anonymous accusations which appeared in the Press and Media...just before the Election !   

To employ one's wife in France like he did, is legally permitted but in recent years it has been frowned upon, which is why he thought an appology was due.    When MPs do use an allocation for expenses in this way, citizens smile wryly !   They "wonder" if the wives really do work to earn their "salary" !

As a Candidate, Fillon has presented himself as a righteous Christian with the sole Intention and Policy of wanting to put France back on its feet !  This is how he won the Republican Party Primary after starting in third place behind Sarkozy and Juppé.

Fillon's explanations yesterday silenced his "Anonymous Accusers" as well as any doubts in the Republican Party.   He remains the Party Presidential Candidate and he will now redouble his campaign efforts !