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Friday, 24 February 2017


When he was elected as President in 2012 Hollande  lacked experience !  He had never been a Government Minister and during the first two years of his mandate, he was totally indecisive and ambiguous.    All he seemed to expect every month was that unemployment  would naturally fall, with little action on his part !

After the disasterous French economic results since 2012 he knew he could not  justify standing as President for a second term !

Now, one of the favourites in the 2017 Presidential Race is Emmanuel Macron.  He had been the Expert Economic Adviser of Hollande since even before his Election.   He became his Minister of the Economy in 2014 but resigned in 2016 to form his own Political Movement, "En Marche".

In spite of his scant experience as Minister of the Economy, he has successfully addressed huge public meetings ;  but, one still awaits the publication of his Election Manifesto, containing all the details of how he will finance all his promises. 

Macron has attracted many potential electors and even promises from politicians. The last but not the least is   François Bayrou, he, who had violently critised Macron less than ten days ago !  He has offered his support to Macron, the "spiritual son" of Hollande .  Is this a surprise ?   Not really.   Already in 2012 Bayrou pledged his party's votes to Hollande to ensure the defeat of Sarkozy !  

How could it all end for Macron ?  Will he, with the help and guidance of Bayrou, avoid the pitfalls that await a novice ? 

Electors are wary.  They know that another catastrophic Presidency could have painful consequences for everyone in France !