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Sunday, 12 February 2017


These National Front (FN) "Promises" are the latest version of the previous intentions aired in meetings.  However, they merit three serious observations ;

1)  The Timetable and Cost of the introduction of these Promises will, it seems, be published at a later date.  
2)  Former "Key objectives", "Frexit" and "Immigrant limitations", would only be proposed after a Referendum.
3)  Strict Border controls will be introduced by France, even on Borders with other EU Countries !

An EU Frexit, which for France also entails leaving the EUROZONE, to escape its shackling rules, could prove to be an expensive option.   The Brexit operation by Britain is an example, but France has additional costs due to its EURO currency !

At present FN leader, Marine Le Pen, even without a timetable or the estimated costs, is the favourite to be one of the two candidates reach the decisive second round of the Presidential Vote.  If she does not explain how much her Promises will cost and who will pay, other candidates will expose this weakness and destroy her hopes !

Marine Le Pen cannot expect to win just by selling dreams to Electors !