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Wednesday, 22 February 2017


No Presidential Election in France has ever revealed so much uncertainty over who could win.  Every day there are new reports of intrigue, about possible alliances with small splinter groups or with other Candidates !

No leading Candidate has officially announced who he will appoint as Prime Minister if he becomes President !   Such important information could decide many electors how ultimately they vote. 

At present one can only surmise that François Fillon will appoint Sarkozy's choice, François Baroin, as a thankyou for Sarkozy's official support !

Likewise, one expects that Florian Philippot, the closest and ever present vice president of Marine Le Pen, could be her choice to become her Prime Minister...

Other candidates have given no clue on their possible choice of a future Prime Minister ! 

One should note, this afternoon at 16.30, the Press Conference of François Bayrou, the Centrist President of MoDem, aged 65.  Will he become, for the fourth time, a Presidential Candidate, or will he support the cause of the "nor right nor left" Candidate, Macron ?  Also, today Macron has already received the support of François de Rugy, unlucky Candidate with only 3,82 % of votes in the Socialist Primary Election.