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Tuesday, 14 February 2017


All of the main Presidential Candidates have made "seductive verbal promises" aimed at their potential Electors; but none have explained how the cost of their promises will be financed, or revealed which sections of the Electorate will be expected to pay !

This means all candidates must still provide a realistic cash flow forecast to cover the cost of their promises !    

Emanuel Macron just 70 days before the election is still very discret on his programm which will only be made known at the beginning of March !  A way to avoid criticism or awkward questions ?
As for Benoit Hamon, his key proposal is a universal income for everyone, above all for the Young !   Nothing has been explained how this will be financed !

The National Front leader, Marine Le Pen has published 144 propositions, but why has she hesitated to reveal  how and where the funds required for these promises will be found ?

On the right, the Republican François Fillon, is the only candidate who has covered the National Problem of France comprehensively.  All his proposals exposed during the primary were solely aimed at curing the Economic imbalance France has at present.  

But, during the last few weeks he has spend almost all his time,  not on his election campaign,  but on justifying how public money was spent employing is family !