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Thursday, 2 February 2017


In France today no one can be sure who will be elected as the next President on May 7 ! 

For most of last year Alain Juppé had been the clear favourite ; but in the Republican Primary Election last November, he and former President Sarkozy, were both pipped by François Fillon.

Now, two months later, Fillon the firm favourite to become the next President of France, who vaunted his honesty and probity, has become embroiled in accusations that he employed and paid his Welsh wife and two of their five children, for fictive jobs as MP assistants.

This has cast doubts in the minds of Fillon's potential electors and party workers !   Towards whom will they turn ?  To Marine Le Pen, the National Front leader who regularly gets 25% of votes in Opinion Polls ? Or to new rising star of the Left, Emanual Macron, the former Minister of the Economy and advisor of President Hollande ?