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Wednesday, 29 March 2017


Paying, to get out of the EU in order to recover British "independence", is a quick solution, but it must take into account the current "mess" in which the EU finds itself !

Britain is not the only Country which considers that the current basic EU operating principles do not permit "EU Unity", above all when new problems arise which require urgent solutions !

A few typical examples are,

   -  The invasion of Immigrants and Refugees,
   -  Absence of strict Border Control principles,
   -  No EU declaration of War against ISIS,
   -  No cohesive Policy against Terrorism,
   -  Too many EU laws,
   -  Unlimited expansion of the EU Court of Justice !

The unity of the EU and its future survival is threatened.  More "Exits" like the Brexit can be expected if nothing changes.   The EU MUST therefore change !

Britain cannot and should not be expected to pay for the malfunctions of the EU which it must quickly change to survive !   Likewise if Britain is still expected to protect the EU in the case of a "War", that too must be part of any discussions !



Tuesday, 28 March 2017


The Russian Presidential Election is at present still scheduled to be held in March 2018.   Normally the sole official Governmental Candidate will be Putin himself, but nothing final has yet been decided.   There could be a last minute surprise, just like there was in 2000 when Putin was unexpectedly chosen to stand !

Since Putin's first election, several opposition Leaders have tried to oppose Putin, but some have lost their lives or been imprisoned. 

The current Leader of the Opposition, who has already announced he wants to stand as a Candidate next Year, is Alexei NAVALNY, a Lawyer and anti-Corruption Activist ! 

He has accused Putin and Medvedev, both former Russian Presidents and Prime Ministers, of Corruption and Embezzlement of State Funds.  It is well known in the West that both are hugely rich.

Navalny with his Anti Corruption Foundation has created huge disturbances in more than 80 towns and cities in Russia.  Last month he was given a "Suspended Sentence of 5 years" and this week was jailed for only 15 days for creating disturbances !

Will Navalny be "free" next year, to become one of the Opposition Candidates ?   

Who could stand and replace Navalny next year at the last minute ?   That must now be seriously examined ! 

If two replacement Leaders in each of the 80 towns (and more) are NOW secretly adopted, then an immediate replacement for Navalny could surely be found instantly if required !  



Thursday, 23 March 2017


La Haute Autorité pour la transparence de la vie publique a publié ce mercredi 22 mars 2017, les Déclarations de Patrimoine des 11 candidats à la présidentielle, en précisant que ces déclarations n'ont fait l'objet d'aucun contrôle, conformément à la déclaration du Conseil Constitutionnel du 9 octobre 2013.

La déclaration d'Emmanuel Macron suscitera perplexité chez plus d'un électeur.  On sera surpris de voir que l'ex banquier de chez Rothschild déclare l'un des plus petits patrimoines des candidats à la présidentielle : aucun bien immobilier n'apparait...

Cigale ou piètre gestionnaire ?  Les français devraient réfléchir avant de lui confier la gestion de la maison France !



Wednesday, 22 March 2017


The first "Debate" by the 5 major Presidential Candidates, which lasted 3 hours and 30 minutes, was televised last Monday evening !

All the Candidates seized the chance to reveal the changes they would introduce if they were elected as the President of France on May 7, 2017 !  It was like an auction !  Who could promise the most ? 

They were in fact, hollow promises, which were not backed-up by an explanation of how the funds would be obtained, to pay for the cost of the promises !

France has serious problems to solve !   Financially it is bankrupt, but it must quickly solve,

  -  Unemployment,
  -  Rising Pension costs,
  -  Rising Immigration,
  -  National Debt costs,
  -  National Insecurity (Terrorism and soft Justice).

What is needed is a Debate in which each Candidate, is obliged to explain how the above problems (and others), will be solved and financed, and especially the cost of any new Election Promises !

The responsibility for this now lies with the Organisers of the next Debates.  The financial future of France is already bleak but could get worse !  

This also means the Financial problems of France must be tacled NOW....and.... no Candidate should be allowed to Hoodwink Electors, by omitting to explain how he intends to solve this National Financial Crisis !



Tuesday, 14 March 2017


François Fillon, who won the Primary Selection to represent the REPUBLICANS in the Presidential Election, has been viciously attacked.   

However, it must be admitted that Fillon has invited the latest criticism by apparently accepting the gift of suits each worth 6500 Euros !   BUT, why all the vicious attacks ?  Is it because he presented himself as a morally righteous Catholic ?

It becomes necessary to remind Electors of what happened in the past.  Of the seven elected Presidents one could say that only three were not suspected of sexual activities outside wedlock during or before their Presidentcy ! This was frowned upon but also created mirth !   It did not lead to vicious attacks ! 

If tomorrow Fillon is prevented from standing as a Candidate due to legal accusations, this would deprive 40% of the Electors on the Right of their Candidate !  It would justify a delay in holding the Presidential Election !


Sunday, 12 March 2017


Toutes les enquêtes d'opinion, toutes les études publiées s'accordent sur un point : Marine Le Pen du Front National serait battue au deuxième tour de l'Election Présidentielle, quel que soit le candidat en face d'elle, Emmanuel Macron ou François Fillon.

Pourquoi alors, comme le fait notamment François Hollande, agiter la crainte d' une victoire du Front National en clamant qu'il est aux portes du pouvoir ?

N'est ce pas pour mieux assurer la victoire de son clone, son fils spirituel, Emmanuel Macron?



Recently Vladimir Putin faced vociferous revolts by demonstrators in Moscow calling for his resignation !   They had been mourning the death of former Opposition Leader Boris Nemtsov who wanted more "democracy" in Russia. 

Nemtsov was assassinated in the Shadows of the Kremlin Wall by 4 shots in his back on February 27, 2015.  He was a Liberal and a former first Deputy Prime Minister of President Boris Yeltsin, but it was Putin who was appointed by Yeltsin as his successor in 2000.  Nemtsov then quickly became the Opposition Leader and a critic of Putin.

Nemtsov accused Putin and his Regime of Embezzlement and the lack of Democracy in Russia.   The Forbes List of Richest people estimates Putin's personal wealth at more than 70 Billion Dollars, which is not bad for a former KGB officer !   

The lack of Democracy in the Totalitarian Regime of Russia is ensured by its re-election : it "appoints" candidates in 50% of all Duma seats.

It is now 100 years ago that Nicholas, the last Tzar of Russia was finally forced to abdicate !  When the 100th Anniversary of the 1917 Russian Revolution is celebrated later this year, the death of Nemtsov will be completely obscured, just like many other bloody deaths like those in the Stalin era. 

But Putin, will he last forever in Russia..... ?



In November 1917 the  xxxx  established the new  Government !

Saturday, 11 March 2017


La campagne électorale qui se déroule en ce moment est la plus détestable que la Cinquième République ait connue.


Friday, 10 March 2017


All Candidates except François Fillon, in the French Presidential Election are hoodwinking the Electors !  

They deftly make promises to stir up support for their campaign but.... omit to explain how they will finance the cost of their promises !   They hesitate to explain how and where they will make economies !  Above all they never say clearly who can expect to bear an increase in Taxation !

In particular Candidates prefer not to cover urgent problems which France MUST solve;    

-  The age of retirement in France must be raised to avoid Pension Plan deficits.  
-  The 35 hour working week rule must be abandoned to make France competitive again on International Markets.
-  All Civil Servants must also work longer than 35 hours to reduce State Overheads.

Some problems need changes in EU rules !  They are rarely properly discussed !   Likewise, glibly stating that France could leave the EU to reduce the number of Immigrants is not acceptable ! 

Only the REPUBLICAN party, or their candidate François Fillon, has said how he will reform France to make it competitive again !   He is not yet the Favourite to become President, but..... !



Thursday, 9 March 2017


Socialists have abandoned the official winner of their Primary Election, namely Benoît Hamon !

In its desperation the Socialist Leaders are fleeing to  Emanuel Macron who, according to Opinion Polls, will be in the run-off on May 7 2017 with Marine Le Pen of the National Front.

Could either of these Candidates be beaten by third favourite François Fillon of the Republican Party ?  The answer depends on how Fillon "performs" these next ten days to gather around him the support of all the Republicans ! 

Juppé declared last Monday that he would no longer stand because it was already too late to launch an effective Campaign !   As a result the Republicans no longer have a "Plan B" !

Macron will be attacked, at least by Fillon, because he was Holland's personal advisor.  Macron's objectives are too similar to those of Hollande and no one really wants another  Economic Disaster like that of the last 5 years ! 

Finally, will Marine Le Pen mellow or will she still  insist that France's problems can be cured or solved by leaving the E U or by only leaving the EUROZONE ?  

Originally, she greatly increased her support by proposing these solutions, particularly when aiming to reduce Immigration !   But, even a simple BREXIT will cost  Britain Billions : a FREXIT would certainly cost France much more !   Will anyone make a convincing estimation of the cost to defend a FREXIT ?

The Socialists and the Republicans will both try to stop Marine Le Pen, and.... each other !   The fight goes on !   


Monday, 6 March 2017


The recent Election "chaos and desperation" of both the Socialist and Republican parties in recent weeks, will be recorded in history books !

Both Parties held Primary Elections to choose their Official Party Candidate.  In each case the two  "Favourite Candidates" were both unexpectedly beaten. 

The unexpected Socialist Winner was Benoit Hamon and the Republicans Winner was François Fillon ! 

The rules of a Primary Election also state that losers are expected to actively support the winner in the subsequent Campaign.   Neither Hamon nor Fillon have had any support from their Party Heirarchy !

In the case of Hamon, "desperate" Socialists have decided that Emmanel Macron, an Independent Candidate but former advisor of President Hollande and former Minister of the Economy,  had a better chance of being elected !   The Party has flocked to help him with the benediction of Hollande !

Fillon has been violently accused in the Press and this has led to a double quick judicial investigation, with the publication and commentries in the Press, of details over events 10 years ago, which normally should be kept secret !

Neither his Party leaders nor President Hollande have at any time deemed it necessary to intervene to prevent the disruption this has caused in this Presidential Election !

Due to the inaction of his Party Heirarchy, Fillon has now been deserted by what were his "Party Faithful" !  They are all anxious, not really about who could win, but more about their own individual futures !  

They really now want Fillon to withdraw his Candidacy in favour of Alain Juppé who came second in the Primary !

This whole sorry saga continues later today !  It will probably go on until the next French President is finally elected on May 7, 2017 !