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Wednesday, 29 March 2017


Paying, to get out of the EU in order to recover British "independence", is a quick solution, but it must take into account the current "mess" in which the EU finds itself !

Britain is not the only Country which considers that the current basic EU operating principles do not permit "EU Unity", above all when new problems arise which require urgent solutions !

A few typical examples are,

   -  The invasion of Immigrants and Refugees,
   -  Absence of strict Border Control principles,
   -  No EU declaration of War against ISIS,
   -  No cohesive Policy against Terrorism,
   -  Too many EU laws,
   -  Unlimited expansion of the EU Court of Justice !

The unity of the EU and its future survival is threatened.  More "Exits" like the Brexit can be expected if nothing changes.   The EU MUST therefore change !

Britain cannot and should not be expected to pay for the malfunctions of the EU which it must quickly change to survive !   Likewise if Britain is still expected to protect the EU in the case of a "War", that too must be part of any discussions !