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Friday, 10 March 2017


All Candidates except François Fillon, in the French Presidential Election are hoodwinking the Electors !  

They deftly make promises to stir up support for their campaign but.... omit to explain how they will finance the cost of their promises !   They hesitate to explain how and where they will make economies !  Above all they never say clearly who can expect to bear an increase in Taxation !

In particular Candidates prefer not to cover urgent problems which France MUST solve;    

-  The age of retirement in France must be raised to avoid Pension Plan deficits.  
-  The 35 hour working week rule must be abandoned to make France competitive again on International Markets.
-  All Civil Servants must also work longer than 35 hours to reduce State Overheads.

Some problems need changes in EU rules !  They are rarely properly discussed !   Likewise, glibly stating that France could leave the EU to reduce the number of Immigrants is not acceptable ! 

Only the REPUBLICAN party, or their candidate François Fillon, has said how he will reform France to make it competitive again !   He is not yet the Favourite to become President, but..... !