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Tuesday, 14 March 2017


François Fillon, who won the Primary Selection to represent the REPUBLICANS in the Presidential Election, has been viciously attacked.   

However, it must be admitted that Fillon has invited the latest criticism by apparently accepting the gift of suits each worth 6500 Euros !   BUT, why all the vicious attacks ?  Is it because he presented himself as a morally righteous Catholic ?

It becomes necessary to remind Electors of what happened in the past.  Of the seven elected Presidents one could say that only three were not suspected of sexual activities outside wedlock during or before their Presidentcy ! This was frowned upon but also created mirth !   It did not lead to vicious attacks ! 

If tomorrow Fillon is prevented from standing as a Candidate due to legal accusations, this would deprive 40% of the Electors on the Right of their Candidate !  It would justify a delay in holding the Presidential Election !