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Monday, 6 March 2017


The recent Election "chaos and desperation" of both the Socialist and Republican parties in recent weeks, will be recorded in history books !

Both Parties held Primary Elections to choose their Official Party Candidate.  In each case the two  "Favourite Candidates" were both unexpectedly beaten. 

The unexpected Socialist Winner was Benoit Hamon and the Republicans Winner was François Fillon ! 

The rules of a Primary Election also state that losers are expected to actively support the winner in the subsequent Campaign.   Neither Hamon nor Fillon have had any support from their Party Heirarchy !

In the case of Hamon, "desperate" Socialists have decided that Emmanel Macron, an Independent Candidate but former advisor of President Hollande and former Minister of the Economy,  had a better chance of being elected !   The Party has flocked to help him with the benediction of Hollande !

Fillon has been violently accused in the Press and this has led to a double quick judicial investigation, with the publication and commentries in the Press, of details over events 10 years ago, which normally should be kept secret !

Neither his Party leaders nor President Hollande have at any time deemed it necessary to intervene to prevent the disruption this has caused in this Presidential Election !

Due to the inaction of his Party Heirarchy, Fillon has now been deserted by what were his "Party Faithful" !  They are all anxious, not really about who could win, but more about their own individual futures !  

They really now want Fillon to withdraw his Candidacy in favour of Alain Juppé who came second in the Primary !

This whole sorry saga continues later today !  It will probably go on until the next French President is finally elected on May 7, 2017 !