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Sunday, 12 March 2017


Recently Vladimir Putin faced vociferous revolts by demonstrators in Moscow calling for his resignation !   They had been mourning the death of former Opposition Leader Boris Nemtsov who wanted more "democracy" in Russia. 

Nemtsov was assassinated in the Shadows of the Kremlin Wall by 4 shots in his back on February 27, 2015.  He was a Liberal and a former first Deputy Prime Minister of President Boris Yeltsin, but it was Putin who was appointed by Yeltsin as his successor in 2000.  Nemtsov then quickly became the Opposition Leader and a critic of Putin.

Nemtsov accused Putin and his Regime of Embezzlement and the lack of Democracy in Russia.   The Forbes List of Richest people estimates Putin's personal wealth at more than 70 Billion Dollars, which is not bad for a former KGB officer !   

The lack of Democracy in the Totalitarian Regime of Russia is ensured by its re-election : it "appoints" candidates in 50% of all Duma seats.

It is now 100 years ago that Nicholas, the last Tzar of Russia was finally forced to abdicate !  When the 100th Anniversary of the 1917 Russian Revolution is celebrated later this year, the death of Nemtsov will be completely obscured, just like many other bloody deaths like those in the Stalin era. 

But Putin, will he last forever in Russia..... ?



In November 1917 the  xxxx  established the new  Government !