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Monday, 17 April 2017


Theoretically lifetime Dictators retain their Power until they die !   This is true, but sometimes they fail to prevent being "overthrown" by an unsuspected "putsch" ! 

Even Erdogan could already be living dangerously : his victory in the Referendum (51% - 49%) is far from being a popular Triumph !   Quite to the contrary, it is being hotly disputed in Turkey and there are already allegations of fraud in the counting of the votes !

The election of a Totalitarian Dictator like Erdogan, or others like Putin, Assad, Kim... always leads to an Iron-fist and oppressive Leadership, aimed at the liquidation of all opposition forces !  It is characterised by the total absence of Democracy in the Constitution !

This also vindicates the reticence of EU countries with respect to the wish of Turkey to join the European Union !   Likewise, it is also a vindication of the criticism levelled by EU member countries at Chancellor Merkel, when she suddenly made a deal to "remunerate" Turkey, if it stemmed the inflow of Refugees from the Middle East into the EU !

Merkel should have realised, after the breach of the Berlin Wall, that Totalitarian Dictators do not make short-term Deals !