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Wednesday, 19 April 2017


Elections and Referendums regularly take place in Europe but a discussion of THE most "fundamental anxiety of citizens", their SECURITY, in any one country or in the European Union as a whole, is always deftly avoided by all politicians !
WHY ?  Daily, attrocities by Terrorists in all corners of the EU, are reported, but that is all !  

Is this not due to the fact that the EU has centralised too much power ?   Are national politicans not shirking their responsibility to protect their citizens and blaming the Politicians in Brussels ?

This week the arrest of two French National Terrorists in Marseille, who were foiled while preparing an imminent attack, has revived discussions in the current Presidential Election.
After the Brexit, a "Frexit" by France has also been mooted by some Candidates ! 

The EU attitude in Brussels must change !  On this subject there is already growing dissatisfaction present among the remaining 27 members of the EU !