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Saturday, 15 April 2017


After the painful experiences of the 2nd World War, which ended in 1945, politicians were agreed that everything must be done to avoid another World War !

Even before the Nuremberg Trials had been completed,  steps were taken to create a World-wide Body, which is now known as the United Nations Organisation. 

Likewise, to promote trade and to create competitive condititions, to enable war-torn countries in Europe to recover from the scars of the War, what is now known as the European Union, was launched by 6 founding member countries in 1957 !   There are now 28 !

However, what is now painfully evident and clearly a  major handicap, in both these Organisations, is the basic rule that there must be "Unanimity" when important Action is proposed on major Issues.

In recent cases the United Nations has been frustrated by the Russian use of its Veto to prevent President Assad of Syria to be tried for Crimes against Humanity.

In the European Union, no country can refuse the entry of Migrants from other EU countries !  Refugees from outside the EU infiltrate the EU daily and this is destroying the spirit of the Union !

Briefly, the "whole World" is facing a 3rd World War, in which extremist Muslim terrorists in many countries, on all Continents, are committing atrocities daily, without any organised response from Leading Politicians or Diplomats ! 

Why are our Leaders not doing their jobs ?