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Sunday, 16 April 2017


Since the creation of the 5th Republic by General De Gaule in October 1958 there has never been so much wild and feverish speculation, over such a long time, about any Election, either Presidential or Parliamentary ! 

The catastrophic 5 year Presidential term by François Hollande has not only destroyed the French Economy but it has also split the former Socialist Party faithful.

Citizens in France have daily been faced with a continual onslaught of election fever and information for almost a year, in the Press, on the Radio or on Television !   As a complement a regularly increasing number of Opinion Poll results have also been published, together with all the nebulous interpretations they provoke !

There are 11 official Presidential Candidates, but only 4 now still have a real chance of being either of the two to qualify for the Defining second round Vote on May 7, 2017 !  They are, 

   - Fillon (Republican),
   - Le Pen (Extreme Right, National Front),   
   - Macron (Independent Socialist),
   - Melenchon (Extreme Left, Communist).

Desperate former Socialist Ministers and virtually the whole Socialist Heirarchy, have massively backed the Candidacy of Macron, who was the Economic adviser to President Hollande and  finally his Minister of the Economy.  

This last week before the vote next Sunday promises to be a hectic sprint !  

Even when the new President is elected on May 7, the Election fever will not subside !   Within  about 4 weeks the new President must call for a General Election of the 577 French MPs !                                                           .