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Tuesday, 25 April 2017


After the expected election of Macron on May 7, the  General Election for the 577 MPs in the National Assembly will take place on June 11 and 18.

Readers need to know that Emmanuel Macron (EM) created his Movement "En Marche" (EM) (On the Move) last year in March 2016 and resigned as Minister of the Economy on August 30, with the intention of becoming an Independent Presidential Candidate.   

Macron who has never stood for any election before and does not yet have a Political Party with any elected MPs in the Assembly, will select 577 Candidates from the 14 000 spontaneous Candidates notified on the Internet.

The Socialists, including President Hollande, and the Republicans, have both decided to back Macron, to prevent Marine Le Pen becoming the next President. However, they also want to ensure that they will each have enough MPs after the next General Election to control President Macron ! 

Former Socialist Ministers massively backed Macron in the Presidential, at the behest of Hollande ; is it with their private hope of again being rewarded with a Ministerial Post ?  

BUT, Republican MPs in particular want to avoid a repetition of the disasterous 5 years of Hollande, helped by his adviser, Emmanuel Macron !

There is in fact a real risk of a "hung Parliament", in which no one party has a dominant or controlling position !   A return to the 4th Republic ?