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Saturday, 22 April 2017


A Terrorist was shot dead on Thursday on the Champs Elysee in Paris after he had killed a policeman.  Alas, this again reveals what happens when soft justice is dispensed.   Karim Cheurfi was a recidivist,  who had spent 14 years in Prison but had broken his Bail obligations !  He should have been ordered back for a stay in Prison.

This has frequently happened before and is basically due to the lack of enough available space in French prisons !  They are overcrowded !

The solution adopted by Socialist Governments, under the Presidentcy of François Hollande, is to dispense "soft justice" :  the Police and the Judiciary are expected "to use their discretion" !  

This means where possible small offenders or criminals are not pursued, minimum prison sentences are a favoured solution, with the sole objective to permit at least serious criminals to be arrested !

It is quite obvious this Policy is not a deterrent for criminals and will never result in a reduction of Crime ! 

Not all the Candidates in the current Presidential Election campaign have clearly said that they would order more Prisons to be built !   

Would this not provide more work, reduce unemployment and create more security for French citizens ?