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Monday, 24 April 2017


What has now become a very clear is that Emmanuel Macron will be elected as the next President of France on Sunday May 7, 2017 !

The result of the first round vote eliminated 9 candidates and left Macron to face Marine Le Pen to fight it out for the Presidency !

However, the historical fear of what the Extreme Right could undertake and the announced Policy by Marine Le Pen, which could even mean  France doing a FREXIT to  leave the European Union, has sent shivers down the backs French politicians and electors !

In particular, Fillon and the Republican Party Leaders have opted, en block, to back Macron as their choice to become President !  

Like the Republican Right, the Socialist Party also lacks a Party Candidate to become President !   Most of the Party members had already backed Macron in the first round, and will now again back the "Spritual son" of Hollande on May 7 !

BUT, this is the next problem !  Most people in France do not want again to suffer a repeat of the same catastrophic Socialism which was imposed during 5 years by President Hollande....... when his personal adviser was Emmanuel Macron !