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Wednesday, 26 April 2017


Leading Politicians from the Republican Right and from the Socialist Left in France, are for once agreed that Electors must vote for Macron, a Centrist, to prevent  Marine Le Pen from the Extreme Right Nationalist Front becoming the President !  

Even President Hollande abandoned his "neutral role" and publicly backed Macron, his former adviser.  He now is clearly the favourite to become his successor and the next President of France on May 7, 2017 !  

Both Parties are eager to divert the attentions of Electors towards the coming General Election on June 8 and 15 !  BUT,  the "Political Blame-Game" will take place, perhaps even sooner than the two big Parties would like !   This is the rule in Democracies !

Why does the next President not come from one of the two Parties that have ruled France since 1958 ?

It is quite clear that Hollande's catastrophic performance has sunk the Socialists ;  it has split the Party and as Opinion Polls reported, voters deserted !  But, the Republican Opposition was weak and has not really profited from this dilemma.

All Parties obviously want to win seats at the General Election, not just to frustrate but also to have the means to control the future, young 39 year old President !   But, Macron intends to nominate a Candidate in every of the 577 Parliamentary constituencies, for his new Party, En Marche !

That there could be a "hung" Parliament, with no party having an overriding majority, is already a growing fear ! 
There will be nervous political fights and conflicts !