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Friday, 28 April 2017


French electors feel brow beaten by all the talk they hear all day long, from Politicians and from the two Candidates fighting to become the next President of France !

Some do not want Marine Le Pen because she may take France out of the EU with a costly FREXIT !    Others fear that Macron could be a repeat of the disasterous last five years by  Hollande.  After all, Macron was his paid Adviser !

A General Election will take place on June 11and 18.  Le Pen has only 2 MPs in the French Parliamentary Assembly.  Macron has none and is currently selecting 577 Candidates - one for each constituency !   What is quite clear is that neither Le Pen nor Macron will obtain a majority in the Assembly to permit them to govern unfettled !   

This means that a coalition would be required to permit either of them to govern, but even this could be too difficult or impossible to arrange !   A "hung parliament" could be the result.

This possibility is now firing the hopes of all the other Parties in France.  They all want the means to control the next President of France, whoever it is !