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Sunday, 9 April 2017


Trump's reaction to stop further Salin nerve gas attacks by Bachar al Assad on his Syrian Opposition, could have more unexpected repercussions !

Already reports indicate that Bachar and his family will flee to a special Bunker if their lives are in danger.  But, would this protect him if an International arrest warrant is issued to try him for Crimes against Humanity ?

Would Putin still be prepared to guarantee Bachar his safety, by offering him a safe address in Russia ?  Perhaps not !  Putin certainly does not want to lose the right Russia has to "park" its ships in Syrian Ports !

Will Putin and Russia not also be questioned about the Arms supplies it sends to Russian Rebels living in Ukraine, who want industrial Eastern Ukraine to become part of Russia ? 

Likewise, can Putin really expect the West to lift its sanctions, imposed after Russia illegally  snatched and occupied Crimea ?  These Sanctions hurt civilians in Russia and fester the Opposition Putin is already trying to control ! 

Putin wants to restore Totalitarian Russia to its former "greatness", but the World has changed !