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Thursday, 13 April 2017


Russian President Putin was quick yesterday to brush off fresh attempts by Rex Tillerson the top USA Diplomat, to open a new period of co-operation between the two countries !

Only one hour later Russia used its Veto in the Security Council of the United Nations to prevent the condemnation of Syria for making a Sarin Gas Attack on Rebels ! (1)

President Assad of Syria, already in the Past has  escaped trial for Acts deemed to be Crimes against Humanity because Russia used its Veto !   

Once again Putin imposes his will and prevents the United Nations Organisation from applying the Sanctions of International Law !

When a Criminal plans a crime and is helped by others, normal Criminal Laws provide the possibility to accuse those involved of "aiding and abetting a criminal before or after a crime" !

Is this not exactly what Putin has been doing ?   He is hindering the normal course of justice !   Putin also merits an accusation of "Crimes against Humanity !"   

(1)  Read the article in this Blog entitled "Sanctions after Syrian Chemical Attacks ?"