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Wednesday, 12 April 2017


The Times newspaper of London dated April 11, published a compehensive report which details the Syrian chemical weapon attacks during the last four years which killed countless civilians.

UN weapons inspectors went to Syria in 2013 to ensure that chemical weapon stocks were destroyed.   Assad probably did not reveal all the stocks !  Afterwards he  continued to attack the Rebels in his opposition and even used Russian made cluster bombs !

A diplomatic fight has now started to identify who bears the responsibility for the Syrian genocidal attacks on Civilians.   It is quite clear that Assad's responsibility is virtually proved and that he should face Charges for Crimes against Humanity.   But will he ever be tried ?

Putin has always been Assad's main ally.  Did he really not know what Assad was doing in Syria ?  Yet, Russian troops have helped Syria to recover some of the territories which had been conquered by the Islamic State.

As soon as Trump attacked Syria last week, to destroy Assad's chemical weapon stocks, Trump was accused of aggression by Russian diplomats in the UN, to deflect all responsibility from Assad !

Ultimately will anything happen ?   Whereas Russia wants previous sanctions lifted, Boris Johnson the British Foreign Secretary wants more sanctions to be imposed ! 

The diplomatic "blame game" has started !