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Tuesday, 23 May 2017


Terrorists have once again struck:  22 people were killed and at least 50 others were injured at a packed pop concert by Ariana Grande in Manchester.

One cannot always deter terrorists, particularly  those who have the intention to die as "heroes of Islam" when they explode their bomb.

They are are generally part of an Extremist  Organisation which is at war with all countries.  They want to impose their extremist interpretation of Islam.  
Yet, many countries world-wide have abolished the Death Penalty, inluding all the Countries in the EU.  Alas, to introduce even an exception to EU rules is virtually impossible : the Unanimity of all EU countries is required for any change, even a small exception. 

This simply means there is no real deterrent left to dissuade Terrorists, or even recidivist killers !  Should surviving killers and those who have  aided them in their murderous enterprises, not be executed ?  

If Britain leaves the EU, after its "BREXIT", would it not be simple "Common Sense" for Britain to adopt the "Penalty of Death", for Terrorists and others who are guilty of aiding and abetting them in mass killings ?  

Would other countries not follow suit, to provide more security for their citizens ?
Finally, why should taxpayers be obliged to bear the cost of Terrorists, who then languish in Prison for the rest of their lives ?