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Sunday, 14 May 2017


The format of the Eurovision Song Contest has changed completely since it started some 40 years ago !   Is the present format really the best option ?

Is it still a contest to elect "the best song and best tune sung by the best singer", or are there other priorities ? 

In the "show" presented on Television last night, 26 countries, including Australia (!), were competing.  Of these 19 contestants "sang" in "English", but their vocal use of this language was far away from the English one heard in "My Fair Lady" !   When it was audible, it was a very poor copy of the American English to which one is accustomed and one has admired in US musicals ! 

Were Contestants obliged by the Organisers, to be surrounded by "dancers", even "acrobats" and others, with the orchestra imposing a loud music beat, just to ensure a Spectacle ?   26 such acts, one after the other, were really overbearing and spoiled the occasion ! 

Should the Singers, with their interpretation of the Song, not be THE REAL STARS on an occasion like this ?

PS : The winner was Salvador Sobral of Portugal, who sang in Portuguese.  2nd was Bulgaria and 3rd was Moldova : both their artists sang in English.